HODL NFT giveaway

Dear Fellow Humans (and very convincing deepfakes):

I hereby propose by the power confered by my Humanity that a series of NFTs be designed and distributed as a means to incentivate UBI HODL. The only current incentive to keep UBI ATM is to alocate it on liquidity pools, but thats not for everyone and has risk which not everyone undersands (ie the concept of impermanent loss).

My proposal is that UBI NFTs should be designed and voted so as to reward hodlers. Maybe there could be a way to show that medal on the MyProfile tab of the POH webpage.

Proposed NFTs

Diamond Hands (Requirements: be registered and a record of 12 months without swapping UBI for other assets)

Gold Hands (Req: be registered and have 6 months of no UBI swaps)

Silver Hands (Req: be registered and have at least 3 months of no swapping)

“At least you Proved you are human” badge (Be registered by the end of 2021).

Each NFT could be individually designed and voted by the community by snapshot

Tell me your comments! Is it viable from the tech point of view?



A further use of ubis would be if you had to pay this badges with X ammount of UBI in order to claim them

I think a cool way to link some NFTs to UBI would be to have some NFTs which can be created by burning UBI.


Yes, call it Proof of Philanthropy. Whoever burns the most $ubi “wins” the philanthropy NFT. Who will be the philanthropist of the year?

cough cough Calling all billionaires in the warren buffet giving pledge club


An idea for NFTs generated based on a humans Profile Picture. (taken from a previous email):

My idea is creating a Proof of Humanity collection. Any registered human can mint an NFT that is generated based on their profile pic. The meta title/description would include the vanity id (what # you were on the registry, mine is like 2,000 something).

I worked on some prototypes, these are very rough (attached), and still a manual process but I believe I can get it down to an automated algorithm. I would want them to be animated (maybe the PoH logo silhouette becoming the geometric version of the person, or something like that).

It is possible for the ERC-721 compatible collection to be built in a way that it costs and burns UBI to mint (although gas would still need to be paid).

Another idea would be to have well known generative artists build different algos. Then when the registered human mints they can choose what version they like. For this I would have a portion of the UBI be paid to the artist’s algo that was used. It could be a marketplace and I would engage some talented artists that would market for us. Each human only ever gets to mint one NFT (they can of course be sold or bought so you can own more than one).


This looks like a really cool idea. We could have some sort of bonded curve where you burn UBI to generate those. Like the first one may cost 0 UBI, second one 100, third one 200 etc. We should only allow people to mint the NFT of themselves which would ensure that there is a strong link between the NFT and the individual.


That’s a great way of implementing it @clesaege. Reminds me of the auction for $socks during the early days of Uniswap.

Another good example (amazing project and part of my inspiration) is POB’s project $HASH: https://hash.pob.studio/ . This is generative art based on a transaction hash. The PoH one would be generative based on the humans data.

The price to mint is on a curve, and the minter is the person buying it. This is an example of one I minted: Creation of $UBI - Proof of Beauty's $HASH | OpenSea

Agreed @clesaege that you would only be able to mint yourself. Using your registered PoH address. Celebrity humans could mint and auction for charity.


I would be happy to donate the STL file of my UBI coin if that could be used in some way?


that looks amazing! would love to get some real coins minted.

That’s definitely possible. :slight_smile: Would cost a bit though (for the right kind of quality). ?

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я тоже хотел бы такую монетку

:+1: let’s see what happens? :slightly_smiling_face:

Came across an NFT platform that has an option for NFTs to be minted gaslessly through https://mintable.app/

Do you see it as an option to launch an NFT collection based on PoH profiles?

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To continue this idea: How about a special form of NFT that burns UBI by holding it, like a digital vampire avatar that consumes my lifetime in UBI.


I think also NFTs should be part of the PoH ecosystem, be it on the future marketplace or somewhere.
it would be great to be have the posibility to use an NFT as profile picture. the registration process with real video and picture its ok, but i maybe should optionally private after that.