[Phase-1] HIP–75: Remove the Mission Board Member Role

Without someone having the power of interpretation of HIPs, how can we act on them?
I think this proposal should set up an alternative to the MB, rather than simply abolish it.

That said, I don’t see the problem with the MB as an organization. The members of our community are divided and divisive - the MB simply reflects this fact.

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It leads to unnecesary political noise that can happen outside the DAOs concerns

And what do you think will happen without a mediating organism? You were part of the Board and did not help in any way to reduce the “noise”, and even you stepping down of it generated greater noise because of that.

I believe the board members up to this day require some accountability of their actions and, more important, their inactions during their role.

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That noise says a lot more about the community than what ot says about me.