[Phase 1] HIP-X: Grant to fund a PoH airdrop solution

Simple summary

Launch a grant to build an app to ease the process of airdropping to humans registered in PoH.


Sybil resistant airdrops are interesting and it would be in the general interest of PoH to provide an easy way to airdrop to its humans. This HIP launches a grant for someone to build such a tool.


On making KIP-51, it came to realization that there is no such thing as a tool to airdrop to PoH. Since the most interested party in the existence of such a tool is PoH DAO, and not Kleros DAO, it makes sense for PoH DAO to be the one that spends the resources needed for it to exist.

Other DAOs that are interested in performing sybil resistant airdrops could use it as an easy default allocation.







The tool built:

  • must give the airdrop at most once to every human. It is considered the same human even if it removes and reregisters.
    • this could be done through PoH v2 's Soul, but it’s not finished so it shouldn’t be considered for this.
    • a merkle tree built upon a snapshot works as well, as it ensures the same human is not registered twice. Designing this tool such that it generates a merkle tree root is desirable. This is an example of such a tool.
  • should allow to customize different weights easily. For example, it should allow to increase the airdropped amount arbitrarily for humans that are more active in PoH Snapshot.

TODO in this Phase 1

  • Figure out a reasonable amount for this project to be built.
  • Figure out the selection process for this developer, or if there should not be a selection process at all.
    • Recruit, or choose this developer via Snapshot?
    • First build first serve?

Resumen sencillo

Lanzar una subvención para construir una app que facilite el proceso de airdrop a los humanos registrados en PoH.

Los airdrop sybil-resistant son interesantes y sería del interés general de PoH proporcionar una forma fácil de lanzar airdrops a sus humanos. Este HIP lanza una beca para que alguien construya dicha herramienta.

Al hacer el KIP-51 2, me di cuenta de que no existe una herramienta para hacer airdrop a PoH. Dado que la parte más interesada en la existencia de dicha herramienta es el DAO de PoH, y no el DAO de Kleros, tiene sentido que sea el DAO de PoH el que gaste los recursos necesarios para que exista.

Otros DAOs que estén interesados en realizar airdrops resistentes a los sybils podrían utilizarlo como una asignación fácil por defecto.



La herramienta construida:

  • debe conceder el airdrop como máximo una vez a cada humano. Se considera el mismo humano incluso si se quita y se vuelve a registrar.
  • esto se podría hacer a través de PoH v2 's Soul, pero no está terminado por lo que no debe ser considerado para esto.
  • un árbol de merkle construido sobre un snapshot del registro también funciona, ya que asegura que el mismo humano no se registra dos veces. Es deseable diseñar esta herramienta de forma que genere una raíz de árbol merkle. Este es un ejemplo de dicha herramienta 2.
    debería permitir personalizar fácilmente los distintos pesos. Por ejemplo, debería permitir aumentar la cantidad de airdropped arbitrariamente para los humanos que son más activos en PoH Snapshot.

TODO en esta fase 1

  • Determinar una cantidad razonable para la construcción de este proyecto.
  • Determinar el proceso de selección de este desarrollador, o si no debería haber ningún proceso de selección.
  • ¿Reclutar o elegir a este desarrollador a través de Snapshot?
  • ¿Primero en construir, primero en servir?

I support this idea, it would be super cool to point any projects planning to do an airdrop to dedicate some allocation to POH users, and have a pre-built tool ready for them.

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@0xjean.eth said something interesting on Telegram. He thought that I was requesting an app similar to disperse. That was not my original intention, but now I’m sure I prefer something like that. It should be a frontend that makes it extremely easy to airdrop.

I’m going to throw a few ideas out there:

PoH + disperse

frontend that acts exactly like disperse. It sends the tokens straight to the humans. (i think this is not feasible)

PoH + merkle drop

frontend that builds a merkle drop (just like what I linked in the OP), uploads it to ipfs automatically, and posts it to a contract and gives allowance to it.

Custom solution

It’s pretty simple. It uses a custom contract and frontend. Note there is close to zero customization

  1. anyone can create an “airdrop” in the contract. you give it an allowance, and then pass it a token and an amount
  2. an airdrop is a struct with a token, a timestamp, an amount, and a human count at the time of creation.
  3. if you’re a human, you can request your airdrop. you can only get it once. you cannot get it if you were registered after the airdrop timestamp.

the frontend just makes this easy to create. it also checks if you are eligible for an airdrop if you’re a human.

(if you couldn’t tell) my favored solution to the problem is the “custom solution” I described in third place.


Disperse is no good, it was made 2 years ago when gas was cheap. Same thing for Multisender.

Here is a good and recent codebase with frontend and frontend to get started, inspired by Uniswap’s original merkle drop with a contribution from Paradigm’s t11s:

Another good one actively maintained is WhalerDAO’s Astrodrop:

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I support this HIP.
We’ve seen that “giving free stuff” (UBI and Artistical Intelligence) was the most common use of PoH. Making it easier makes total sense.


Hello. Just reading this.
How about shaking things up a little, and going through with this? Really makes the protocol better


Love the idea. I think it needs more attention.

PoH integrating with service providers in need of a sybil-proof registration will do huge favors for illustrating PoHs functionality, but also the price of UBI. If we reach the point of having a service fee, buy n’ burn taxes could be applied to the treasury’s income.

This is an excellent step towards that goal - providing an effective anti-bot solution to airdrops.
ZKP layers on PoH will only improve these kind of use-cases also, adding extra functionality.

I support the HIP also!