[Phase-2] HIP-32: Define text to be read for profile renewal

It’s not the court’s task to provide a solution. We, the humans are the ones proposing and making the change, courts need to comply.

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Just to start from somewhere:

“I certify that I am a real human and that I am renewing my registration on this registry”


That looks like a sound statement, I added to proposed phrases. Will make a poll at the end of this phase to select which is more appropriate

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De acuerdo con la esencia de la propuesta en cuanto a la necesidad de clarificar la frase para la renovación. La inclusión o no de idiomas alternativos debería tratarse en una propuesta distinta ya que es un tema controversial.


I do propose that this part of the proposal must be removed in order to advance to Phase 2. The inclusion of another language is unnecessary and violate the KISS principle which has been characterizing the entire Proof Of Humanity project. If we need to include another language or not, should be discussed in another proposal.


Based on feedback, the Esperanto clause will be moved to a different HIP


I think this is a great option.
Renweing could be a tricky word for the non english speakers. What do you think if we use:
“I certify that I am a real human and that i am reaplying for this registry”.?


It would be very interesting to accept multiple languages. And let the people that understand that language can be capable to certify this. For example, and entry point to this could be a bilingual human. And this human can be the first approver. Then the rest of the native language can validate the upcoming registers.

I would rather make it explicit that the registration phrase is also valid for renewals even if the meaning is not correct. Otherwise, I foresee people mistakenly using the registration phrase and getting challenged. Is there a clear benefit in having a different phrase for renewals?

For registrations and renewals, what do you think about changing “registry” to “proof of humanity”? “Registry” is too generic. People that are paid/manipulated into recording the video for someone else would have a higher chance of finding out what this is about.


there are 6000 spoken language in the planet, so for each additional language, there should be an additional certified native speaker. The logistic problem is not very well understood, especially when I am proposing to add just one other language, as a second language to everyone.

It could be a way, it sounds like when these sort of ad hoc, patching up over the last mistake kind of approach will end up in a very convoluted process. On the other hand it could be a really good way out to the uninformed. The fact that the statement is devoid of sense only supports even more the question of using a neutral language for it.

The point is that I am trying to make the proposal the most permanent possible. The use of the two phrases would require at some point in the future to fix that and make the process clearer.

Juanu’s option is good, but Koki’s seems to be the easiest to pronounce. For non-natives “renewing my registration on this registry” might be too many difficult “R’s”.


adding my twe cents:

Instead of:
“…and that I am not already REGISTERED in this registry”
Should be:
“… and that I am not already CERTIFIED in this registry”

But this is for renewals, @Cinic so “I am not already…” is not true.


How about something more generic that serves both.
“I certify that I am a real human, and this is my video for Proof of Humanity.”


We would also be giving publicity to the project. And anyone who sees it might be interested in joining.

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Yeah I agree, Ruben.

Also, what do you think since this is a renewal, and people are already onboarded on the procedure, to add another layer that guarantees that the renewal was not recorded in advance? There were options offered before, like reading the latest block hash or holding a newspaper or something similar.

Using this phrase, we could even use the videos to show them on social networks.
Yes, it would be nice to show something recent besides showing the address, it could be something simple, maybe a word that is renewed year by year and is available on the main site.
There is no possibility of creating several videos at once and no technical skill or effort is required to get the process right.

I like the keyword of the year, and the best thing is that the keyword be updated dynamically in the renewal instructions. Maybe add to the interphase

  • After the end of the phrase, you should also say the magic word of the year, which is <magic word>.