We should open to the mute and other speech disorders

Using a doctors note is encouraging a human power structure. It isn’t in alignment with the underlying values of the system either. Some people do not want to medicalise disability and some people do not have access to the resources to medicalise disability. It still doesn’t cover the category of young children either. My 3.5 year old still cannot speak. It may take 2 years to get a medical diagnosis for autism/ASD. I can get a severe disability allowance for her in this community after this period but for most of the world, this income is not available. Large parts of the global south do not have access to Doctors as well. We have to develop systems that trust a network of humans to be able to vouch for people who cannot speak. I see that many of the fears for not implementing solutions are around the point that algorithms won’t work. Personally, I think this is why something like a Proof of Locality protocol is needed also so that local webs of trust can be built to supplement some of the technology that is here. How do maintain privacy but understand that physical proximity is also a strong signal of proving humanity? If we can reveal our location (or some other data/risk) to those we trust then we create a web that is much more like the communities that we live in now? My island community works because of the high trust web of relationships that exist within it. We have to understand Dunbar’s number and leverage it. Humans at a small group scale can maintain a number of high trust relationships that hold a form that is very hard to imitate by machine. Ultimately we are trying to solve the security issues through the lens of individualism rather than the lens of community. Where I live we leave our doors open and our cars unlocked. That is because of the web of trust that is around us. In larger communities, this dynamic breaks down.


I would add that we need to find a mechanism where the registrant has interact with the registered human in order to demonstrate that they are actively agreeing.