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OK, I’m one of the first humans challenged due to a silly mistake in the ETH address. I’m at risk of losing my deposit (which equates to about half a salary where I live).

In my humble opinion, there should be a previous instance to catch all of these minor cases and just notify them of an error. It may be incentivized by a small percentage over the deposit, but by no means it should be penalized with the entirety of it, as many people will take this as a personal attack.

Keep in mind that, if a trained person like me, familiarized with ETH to the point I’m developing some smart contracts, can make a silly mistake like that, a myriad of newbies will fall for it too. It’s completely unadvisable to deal with these cases in the same tier as actual malicious attackers uploading deepfakes and such.

Therefore, I propose a first instance where already established members can look for minor mistakes like typos and such, and send them a warning or notification in exchange for a small amount from the deposit. This way, the person will have the chance to amend the error, and the entire process will not suffer from such a draconian take on novice people making bona fide errors.


I am having trouble cracking the vouch enigma, if I don’t know anyone that can vouch for me, how do I obtain one?

I agree fully; small mistakes should allow a method of correction without losing deposit. Even for those of us in high income areas that ETH deposit is very high. I was very unsure when I submitted everything even though I know enough about Crypto. Since I haven’t been vouched for I’m been sitting on pins and needles for over 3 weeks; always wondering if there is something wrong with my submission causing me to not get a vouch.

I can’t imagine how any of my friends feel that know nothing about the space; those who barely know what a Crypto Address looks like, much less how to use MetaMask. Any endeavor involving UBI needs to inherently be newbie friendly (easy to follow with plenty of examples.)