Address Domains based on POH

I wanted to share an idea about the possibility of making an eth address domain system, just like ENS domains, but using PoH identity.

Therefore we would have a humanity=an eth domain. “Alice.poh” or “Alice.human” for instance.

Its uses could be within the eth network, in ubi layer 2 if its built, or even as an alias for other payment options (mercadopago?).

How possible would it be to partner with ENS domains so they can make the .human domain directory for PoH registered users and leverage on their existing support in different platforms?


I wouldn’t use a custom domain for this. I was playing with a contract to do this with an ENS domain. This is why I would use an END (eth) domain (as subdomains):

  • It has taken 10 years to get to where ENS is today in adoption (10 years ago we started with .bit via Namecoin). This is a long battle.
  • ENS is already supported in wallets (like Coinbase)
  • ENS is already supported in browsers (like Brave and Opera)
  • I believe ENS’s .eth will be accepted globally alongside ICANN or with ICANN.

The concept was build a contract where:

  • any registered human can claim a subdomain. Like justin.human.eth
  • you can only claim one - but you can change to another and the one you had is released
  • you can only transfer an owned name to another registered human (if they don’t hold one)
  • if your PoH registration expires, after a waiting period your name is released
  • the content it points to by default is your profile on but you can change this
  • the ETH address on record always points to your registered PoH address

I understand ENS domains are much more than “.eth” domains. I recall they mentioned the possibility of creating other directories and we have the precedent of their partnership with XYZ, you can create a “.xyz”.

I think it would be really interesting and unique to have a domain directory exclusive of PoH


Sort of. Because of ENS wanting to gain legitimacy they don’t want to compete with ICANNs space. So they are only allowing .eth - other TLDs could conflict with ICANN (although the root contract is able to create new TLDs). For example if they allowed us .human and ICANN allowed .human we would have a conflict.

The TLD partnerships with ENS (like .xyz) are unique because they are ICANN registered gTLDS working with ENS as well. I don’t like this approach (centralized).

We could also have a hybrid approach. Such as the contract creating justin.human.eth but the contract also serving as a resolver for justin.poh while we worked on adoption.

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I remember the .xyz model they had… the fact it can double in both networks is not bad at all. I know well the team behind .earth also… but of course, this suffers from centralization.

what cool .eth domain we could use? I have proofofhumanity.eth but maybe there’s something better that could be used. Someone on twitter suggested using ishuman.eth and has the rights to that.


For something like that, a premium domain (like just 3 letters) could be bought by the DAO.


ishuman.eth would be really cool! It reads nice santi.ishuman.eth (would look sharp on a Twitter bio :wink:)! human.eth is owned by a reseller - I am trying to buy it. I have a couple other fun ideas but don’t want to post them here because they are still unregistered.

It would be really cool to type “Hey transfer me some UBI for payment, I am justin.human.eth”, and then the other party not only can easily type my address (wallets support ENS), but they could look at the evidence of the address it points to and see it’s really me. Would cut back on man-in-the-middle and phishing attacks. Wallets could integrate it directly “this is a PoH registered address” and show the profile pic. Basically marrying the concepts of ENS and the Human Internet.


The usecase for a human readable domain really shines in the context of PoH which has a wider target population.

Another idea: to be able to use a domain PoH users have to burn/donate a certain ammount of UBI (always on the basis of one human one domain, Im against domain whales).

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Nice idea, add deflation (burning) to the service. Maybe you could increase it past one domain? Have the UBI triple for each new registration. If someone really wanted to squat, fine they are serving UBI by burning it. Ideas like this are only possible with PoH, without it people could just make multiple accounts, so exciting!

  1. 100 UBI
  2. 300 UBI
  3. 900 UBI
  4. 2400 UBI
  5. 7200 UBI

What a great idea. Would namebase (HNS) not be another option for this? They have recently released SLD functionality.


The HNS (Human Name Service) conversation has been taking place in a lot of different places. Looping it back here.


  • We finally secured both and human.eth!
  • I had a call last week with the head of operations at ENS (Brantly). Went well, learned a lot about ENS and more importantly where they are headed. One worth noting is L2 support (blog), this might enable us to build HNS with very low gas fees. Still a lot of research to do. Another worth noting is they are working on example contracts that allow control over a second-level domain (human.eth in this case) AND turn over full ownership of third-level (justin.human.eth in this case). It appears we could build a contract with the/a DAO controlling the registry, but impossible to modify or remove a humans owned name.


Still a lot to figure out and build. Going to need help with the contracts specifically. Questions to answer in the fine print, like:

  • When do names expire
  • Can you sell/transfer a name
  • Should we propose it being part of the PoH registration process (like dripping UBI is). We could build the entire thing into PoH itself if there is consensus for it.
  • etc

Wow, i just want to say I am speechless of what this community can achieve, all these driven and intelligent individuals cooperating, (arguing sometimes haha), and building together.

I am thrilled to hear about these developments of the HNS you mentioned, and am really looking forward to what it could develop into in the future, so please keep us updated! This is a great use case for PoH

Thanks Justin!


Throwing some ideas here…

_ Names could be linked to the moment the Human is registered on PoH, and expire as soon as the Human registered has to renew it.
_Will add buy too, so they get all the liberty they want, but do this as a mutable option with no binding for a fixed time, like experimental to avoid potential use of underground or black market generation(wouldn’t be surprised lol).
_ Yes definitely as i said in the first point, call to votation and offer other options aswell.
_ Also reputation badges could be linked here

I think this is great Justin!


It occurs to me that it may also have an nft token attached, articulated with the name. @Justin
What @santisiri said about the birth of his daughter crossed my mind. Maybe it’s silly but I say it in one of those is a good idea

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Absolutely. My vision for the registry was that they will be NFTs. I think when ENS modified the registry so that every name was an NFT it was the right choice.


If it’s exclusively for registered humans, would it make sense to expire when the profile expires?

If it’s only for registered humans then Yes, as long as the new owner is a human?

I like the idea of using an HNS rather than an address to display on the sign. Would fix a lot of problems.
Having said that, this would only work if the HNS is not exclusive for humans (since a human would need to have it previously to registering).

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