Another way to get Vouched?

PoH + such a cool protocol! :slight_smile: So well done to those who created trying to proof our humanity and our dignity. One thing could be improved… I currently know no one in circle who is already registered to PoH and therefore I am finding it difficult to get vouched. Is there another way to get vouched? Or can I kindly ask anyone registered in this community to vouch for me? If that’s cool with you. Below link is to my profile. Thank you for proofing humanity! :slight_smile: sorry for my basic English!


This is the case for most of us who joined initially. The way to get vouched is joining the Crowdvoucher chat on Telegram.

Thanks for the tip Mads! :slight_smile: do you have link to the telegram chat?

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Thank you Mads! really appreciate that​:+1::blush: