Another way to verfiy?

Just a crazy idea that could help bootstrap the system faster…

Has there been any thought about allowing someone who already has a Worldcoin identity to self-vouch for their own PoH submission? That is they digitally sign the submission with their Worldcoin id and can skip the vouching phase and go to pending - still available for challenge. It would assume that Worldcoin is unique but I’m assuming that their “orb” is at least as effective in that regard as the PoH video statement method. There’s still a risk of someone creating multiple identities in addition to one signed with Worldcoin, but the normal rules about slashing and removal should still apply there, I don’t see how it really increases the attack surface for fraud.

To me the benefits of allowing this would be two fold - bring 100,000+ unique IDs to the PoH community, get some free marketing for PoH and UBI. Even though these are technically “competing” system I think the co-support would help strengthen the idea through synergy.