[Applications] Product Manager

You can post your applications for the Product Manager position in this thread (resume and requested compensation).
This thread is made only to contain applications and recommendations (the application posts will be edited to contain the recommendations of candidates accepting to make those public).
If you posted on the hiring thread (which are now a bit cluttered) you can repost here (but don’t worry if you don’t we’ll make a post for you).

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  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Requested compensation

Vishal Bachani - Resume

Cover Letter

Requested Compensation - $4,000

Cover Letter
Compensation: Monthly salary of 0.33 ETH and $953.13 USD in $UBI (Total of $11,437.6 in $UBI + 4 ETH) plus the bounty bags (explanation in the cover letter).

Open for setting a specific amount in $UBI rather than in USD.

Aleyna Dogan

  • Resume

  • Cover letter

  • Requested compensation: Monthly salary of $4000 in eth or usd or combination

Uploading my application documents here!


Cover Letter

Preliminary Product Management Goals

PoH Expansion Concepts & Improvements

Requested salary $3,200 per-month, split equally between ETH & UBI or USD & UBI

Everyone have a great week & weekend!

Hey everyone!

My name is Kyle, and I’m extremely excited about Proof of Humanity’s mission. Although I’m a founder and engineer at heart, I believe that filling this PM role is the best way I can help the project at the moment.

A bit of background: I’m a former startup founder and Google engineer. For the last four years I’ve worked at the startup accelerator Y Combinator, including most recently leading the team building Startup School. You can find my full résumé here.

I’ve been interested in basic income for years as the most plausible mechanism for building consensus around fair worldwide social spending. You can read a recent post I made outlining its appeal here. Of course, a functional proof-of-personhood protocol is a necessary prerequisite for UBI, so I was investigating that too. That culminated in recently starting a separate project along parallel lines before meeting the Proof of Humanity team.

I have a lot of ideas on how to extend the Proof of Humanity project to make it a more useful building block for the wider ecosystem both in crypto and beyond that you can read about here. But in the short term, my top priorities are improving the PoH app and building relationships with other projects.

My initial salary requirements are quite flexible—I’m definitely doing this for the mission, not the money. Eg. 1.5 ETH/month would be fine.

A functional, decentralized human-linked identity system will be an absolute game-changer for the crypto ecosystem and the web at large. In the short term this is a critical piece of infrastructure for governance, consensus and token distribution, and in the long term could be the standard way every kind of credential or attestation is issued. I’m really excited about accelerating that vision.

Happy to answer any questions from the community in this thread, or feel free to reach out on Telegram at @corbt!