Backdating $ubi distribution to sign up date after approval

At the moment there seems to be a significant variance between times from intial sign up to approval based on the number of outstanding vouches of the voucher. Would it not make sense to backdate the $ubi distribution to be the signup date to avoid some of the tensions around waiting in line to be signed up? I’m in a long line for approval from one of @santisiri’s vouches. It seems a shame that people can vouch people without permission and they get penalised for it if someone already has a lot of outstanding vouches. It would be much more equitable to distribute as of the sign-up date.


I think this would be interesting to explore. It would also help stop the people charging for vouches, who are promoting themselves with the idea that the longer you wait the more ubi you miss, so it is cheaper to pay them for a vouch.

They don’t get penalized, you can always have someone else who hasn’t vouched vouch for you. There is only an advantage of getting vouched.

The issue with backdating is that you could use this to register 2 (or more) accounts. Let’s call them A and B but note that it is generalizable to any number of accounts.
You submit A and B at the same time, and ensure that A gets registered. A year later, you claim the UBI from A and request to be removed, you then get B registered leading to a whole year amount of UBI for account B to be minted at once.
You now have gotten twice the UBI you were supposed to get.

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There is a penalty for as long as people with a long vouch queue can make vouches without consent.

If someone vouches for you, it doesn’t prevent other people from vouching for you and their vouch from being used before if they are available before the initial voucher.

Let’s say Alice vouches for 3 people: Bob, Carl and David.
At first her vouch is used for Bob.
Now Elouan, who is already registered and hasn’t vouched for anyone, vouches for David. His vouch is used for David.
For David, being vouched by Alice doesn’t prevent him from being vouched by Elouan.
Being vouched by someone is never penalizing.

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Ah OK. I wasn’t aware that you can have multiple vouchers for an individual. That isn’t obvious.