Burning-NFT for proxy-donations

Hello! I was thinking out loud, and came up with an idea to incentivate “donations”
UBI donations are really cool, because you can buy UBI to pump the price, and “proxy donate” to all the holders, while keeping the UBIs.
I was thinking other ways of this proxy-donation, and came up with something like “Burning-NFT”. Seeing all the “NFT-Fever”, and that people really like to display an NFT in their address, it would be nice to create some NFTs that when they are sold in a custom platform, some or all the money goes directly to Uniswap, and buys UBI with that money, and that UBI could go to the DAO or, to some specific use, like paying users that need crowdfunding.

I don’t know, I am not a developer, I just read DeFi news and I am really interested in this project!! What do you think?

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