Candidacy Thread: Telegram group Moderators

In compliance with HIP-71, I open this thread for candidates interested in becoming moderators of Telegram group to announce their candidacy.

The thread will be open for 7 days. Applications will be valid if sent before November 27th 21:02 UTC.

Since the group has 420 members, two moderators will be elected.


I’m offering myself as a candidate for the role.

My address is Gian1uca.eth

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I apply as a candidate for the role of moderator of that telegram group.

Tomás Mika

Since we have only two candidates, I believe no elections are needed and that the candidates should be implemented in the group unless someone has an objection.

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Yes I have an objection. @Ibupirac600 has participated in a coordinated action to selectively ban me from the Spanish group (the “performance”) , so he violated basic moderator ethics and code of conduct.

We need credibly neutral moderators and the two candidates explicitly belong to a group that is accomplice to these actions.

I propose for a new round of candidacies, for 7 more days. A mission board could have solved the problem but since there is none, the extension will be voted in the Snapshot poll which will be posted in the next 24 hours.

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Hey ludovico, thanks for sharing your objection with us. I was asking for objections about the process (i.e. not voting to accept the two admins), not about the candidates themselves.

If you don’t have any objections against the process, I will request the owner of the group to proceed with implementing the new mods.

The process you mentioned doesn’t seem to follow HIP-71.

Well, unfortunately you don’t particularly have any authority on deciding what to do, and neither do I, but I can do submit this to a voting, since we are a DAO and it is governed by its members and not you, nor I.

Hi, Ludoviko. Your anger is useless here.

There are no proofs of what you are talking about. It’s absolutely beautiful (almost a sociological experiment) to see you juggling around trying to transform a story in which is impossible for you to be the good one.

Now, not only you use pathetycal tools in order to prevent the normal functioning of the protocol. But also, you became a thief of the democratic tools of the DAO only because you lose an election and you don’t like the new elected mod.

You became what you swear to destroy. You’re like Gollum, but with even less of a life.

I demand to discard Ludoviko’s claims as I were not part of any ‘performance’. This individual has earned the hatred of a large part of the protocol and in order not to acknowledge the failure of his actions he hands out false accusations to the rest.


Una perdida de tiempo más. La última por mi parte.

Sencillamente aclaro con respecto a este comentario de Luis “We need credibly neutral moderators and the two candidates explicitly belong to a group that is accomplice to these actions.”

Que no soy autor ni complice de ninguna accion inmoral ni malintencionada, ni acepto que se me acuse de tal cosa.

Renuncio a mi postulación!

Buena suerte!


Hi, at the date 6 of december and being the thread closed for 9 days I’m not yet a mod of the english groups.

Furthermore, I’ve been banned by @santisiri just because I’ve asked about their actions on the spanish telegram group.

Santi Siri, in an action that goes against the democratically elected admin, has unbanned permabanned members and not only that, he also promoted one of the members as a moderator of the Spanish Group.

As someone who has followed Proof of Humanity for the past 2 years, I can say they are no difference in between Santi Siri’s accusations against Fede Ast and the Kleros Cooperative and the actions currently performed by him.

I will attach to this document evidence of the antidemocratic actions of the self proclaimed founder of ‘democratic’ proof of humanity.


Santi siri en modo dictador una vez mas haciendo lo q quiere sin escuchar a la comunidad


Another day has passed. Another day where @santisiri didn’t give my well-earned moderator position. Another day for me in which the democracy palladin banned me for not thinking like he wants me to think.