Community Management: Addressing Scammers

Hello all! Hope everyone is doing well.

Creating this thread as a place to pitch or brainstorm ideas to improve community management!

Current Problem:

As the online groups continue to grow, the management of these communities will become increasingly difficult. New & vulnerable users are easily targeted by scammers, as per Telegram group discussion from 23rd July 21 - 25th July 21

My Proposed Solution:

Time & Commitment Based User-Trust Level system utilizing automated software ‘bots’

  • Likened to the Safety & Trust system used in Steam VR communities, which has proven extremely successful in a VR context

  • User tiers could include:

    • Visitor
    • New user
    • User (Time-only ranks stop here (I.E: Users that join but never interact)
    • Known user (Granted to people with fully registered PoH profiles)
    • Trusted user (Granted to contributors & pillars of the community)
    • Team Member (DAO members, managers, etc)


  • Users can be ranked according to time and effort spent on a given platform (Discord, Telegram, Posta)

  • Arguably better than a ‘rating system’ as users won’t be able to maliciously influence the ‘score’ of another user, or create malicious ‘scoring groups’

  • New users can more easily distinguish how long another user has been in a group

  • Easily integrated into Discord channels using an automated bot that assigns ‘roles’ for time spent in groups

  • Utilizing automation reduces the pressure on community staff & volunteers

  • Admins can increase the trust-tier of users who contribute frequently to the community, encouraging people to interact, rather than be idle.

  • Increases the difficulty for scammers to operate

  • Could interlink with the @juanu 's PoH Posta social network (Profile banners & borders)

  • Passively highlights members of the community with a strong interest & work ethic who could be recruited to the project, thus reducing hiring times.


  • Potentially creates ‘elite’ micro-communities (supposition)

  • Need to address any security issues if utilizing any 3rd party bot or program

  • Disparity of trust-level across different social platforms may cause confusion (must be unanimous)

Always open to any thoughts, improvements, feedback, new ideas, etc :pray:

Stay safe everyone!


Reputation points are already something in Discord. Today somone asked what are their purpose. Your proposal addresses it very good.
Are you inside Discord? We could start exploring it with the current registry

There’s a discussion about filtering snapshot proposals only to Boardmembers. Maybe this could be the solution. Only people from the Known Human tier to up can make a proposal.
Again, this is possible through Discord, as proposals in snapshot can be done there.

Great idea Lazarus.

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