Connecting wallet to fund

I was happy to contribute but hey, it’s way TOO OOOOOOOOOOO complicated. At one point, we’re asked to go here:

to connect wallet, which then asks for our confidential phrase?? WTF. I will die before writing it on a server somewhere. come on. What is that?
Teh whole registration process is SOO SOOOOOO SO very heavy with tech stuff, I should have given up earlier.

The idea of a UBI funded by crypto was utterly brilliant but the entrance barriers are so high, I just can’t see myself participating in this.

Turns out it was a scam, so I’ve blocked at least 3 or 4 guys in the Telegram app. This said. It made me weary. So I decided I’m going to leave this project, no matter how idealist and anarchist and lovely I felt it to be.

You cannot judge the product based on your experience in a platform that we cannot control like telegram. You should have known that private keys are yours and yours only. We’ve blocked more than 200 scammers in the last 2 months, so you can see this is a second nature to the Telegram space, it’s just how it is.
Hope you come back, we’ll always be happy to see you return.

Granted there is loads of spam…but still, the tech irritants even to somewhat tech-savvy people, the hard process of being vouched for, connecting wallet, etc. makes us captive to fraud as we search ways to solve the delays of registration and other difficulties in getting a profile set up…so as you search in Telegram, there are lots of conflicting info that open the doors to scammers. Just saying…what many people have noticed.

I wonder what you mean by delays in registration? Challenge period and vouching are necessary to keep the registry in check of verified humans only. ‘Help’ links in the website also point to the official groups that will guide you in the process along with the step-by-step tutorial and a beginner’s guide to crypto. Since PoH/UBI started, real community members have always been helpful and patient with newcomers.