Cooperation with your DAO

Hello, team PoH!
My name is Danil and I am a member of DAO ENVELOP. I am writing you with question and proposal.

Tell me, please, with whom (from your team DAO) can we record a joint podcast and talk about DAOs?

We would like to discuss various issues. For example:

  • how does your DAO work?
  • what are the features of the DAO?
  • what risks and difficulties arise in the process of DAO development?
  • plans for the future, etc.

P.S. About Us:

P.P.S. I can give You more link and more information about Us, if you need

@clesaege @santisiri @federicoast @Justin @Herb

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thanks! :+1: Who of them can we do a joint podcast with?)

I guess you will have to wait to any of the board members I just tagged to reply. They’re busy people and these are uncommonly busy times in the space, so be patient. You can join the telegram groups in the meantime: @proofhumanity or @pohgov in Telegram.

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Thanks, I`ll wait) and join the telegram groups