Correcting submitions before Vouching Phase ends

I’ll start by explaining my situation, I submitted my profile and asked 2 friends to vouch for me.

They both saw that my video had an error and asked me to correct it before they could vouch for me.

As I could not take down my profile and reupload it (because of the $80 gas fee I could no longer afford), I thought it reasonable to add a corrected video to the Evidence tab, so did both my friends. So I added the right video and they both vouched for me.

Apparently this is not the correct way of doing it, as I am now being challenged and am afraid I could lose my whole deposit.

So, what I’m proposing is to allow for corrections/additions to the profile during the Vouching Phase, where someone can’t yet challenge your registration, and your Vouchers can point out any errors that you overlooked. There would be no losers by adding such a feature.

I understand not permitting changes after a challenge has been made, because the challenger would lose their deposit, but I think my proposal is more reasonable since you can’t challenge someone until they’ve ended their Vouching Phase.


The thing is that it would require to redeploy POH contracts. You can cancel your submission and resubmit. Once on L2 the gas shouldn’t be an issue.

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This is a good thought, but it may not have solved your case. I believe a viscous challenger could see the error, vouch for you, and then immediately challenge.