DAO Lead Hiring Document

Hello all :blush:! To be clear, this post is not a call to hire (yet), but a call to develop a comprehensive hiring document for a DAO Lead (or similar) role that protects the DAO and the ‘hired’ individual, with the much needed clarity to improve upon previous hiring attemps of a Product Manager. When the DAO feels ready to hire, we will have the framework in place to do it. Additionally, I have tried to observe other HIPs and research, as well as maintain a spirit of decentralization in relation to the role description.

It also aims to address one of BlockchainGov’s research observations about the lack of hiring and onboarding hampering development.

I would like to be candid about my own intentions and formally indicate to PoH DAO my wish to get more actively involved in terms of ‘employment’ oppertunities, and/or apply to the DAO Lead role in the future with a formal application.

Document Overview:

  • Role Name
  • Role Proposal Summary
  • Proposed Responsibilities
  • Moral Responsibilities
  • Platforms Utilized
  • Role Term Length
  • Termination
  • Contracted Hours
  • Salary
  • Reasonable Expenses
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Holiday

Role Name:

DAO Lead (Alternative titles: DAO Oracle / Project Lead)

Role Proposal Summary:

The DAO Lead is a diverse role responsible for assisting with the operations of PoH DAO, developing and implementing strategies for its growth and success, facilitating and mediating decision-making processes, and maintaining relationships within and outside the PoH community. The DAO Lead will assist with budget and financial management when required, identify potentially successful projects in the PoH ecosystem, and help structure pipelines to onboard talent. Additionally, the DAO Lead should seek compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and help improve the attractiveness of the DAO to philanthropists, investors, and external protocols looking to integrate with PoH.

The role will involve utilizing various platforms for communication and organizational structures. However, the DAO Lead role is assistive in nature, and will have limited scope of responsibility, budget control, and decision-making power to prevent centralized decision making. This is a position with a term length of six months, renewable through mutual agreement. The role comes with a ‘salary’ and clause for reasonable expenses, as well as provisions for extenuating circumstances and holidays.

The DAO Lead role can involve a variety of skills and discilpines, but will require a certain capacity to administrate, organize, lead, mediate, listen, document, ideate, and require a basic passion for Web 3. Additional skills such as technical, creative, professional, or educational, are naturally useful and will alter the nature of the role slightly depending on the individual selected.

Proposed Responsibilities:

  1. Help guide and oversee the operation of the DAO, ensuring that it functions efficiently and

  2. Develop and implement strategies for the growth and success of the DAO.

  3. Establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including community members, external partners, and regulators.

  4. Facilitate decision-making processes, including facilitating discussions among DAO

  5. Communicate with and report to the DAO membership on the progress and status of the
    organization, projects, proposals, and DAO activity.

  6. Assist with monitoring the budget and financial resources of the DAO when required.

  7. Assist with improving the attractiveness of the treasury, and overall attractiveness of PoH to philanthropists and investors.

  8. Facilitate the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure
    compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as adherance to established PoH HIPs.

  9. Promote transparency and accountability within the DAO through the use of
    blockchain technology and innovation where possible.

  10. Organize and help develop teams within the DAO and wider ecosystem.

  11. Assist with developing and passing HIPs, policy adjustments, as well as project proposals through the formal voting system and Snapshot.

  12. Continuously assess the effectiveness of the DAO and identify areas for improvement.

  13. Coordinating with Kleros team members and Kleros jurors to build a comprehensive understanding of DAO functions and challenges.

  14. Identify potential use-cases of Proof of Humanity both in and outside the ecosystem.

  15. Identify ways to improve upon important KPIs, such as reducing the number of rejections, improving
    registration policy, increasing governance participation.

  16. Identify ways to enhance cohesion and integration within the PoH-Kleros Cooperative and illustrate the power of Web 3

  17. Assisting with project documentation and reporting.

  18. Generally assist with establishing goals, and providing feedback and support.

  19. Endeavor to be a voice of democratic reason, and provide informed perspectives that
    compromises of the diverse viewpoints within the DAO.

  20. Regularly participate in the various communication channels of PoH.

  21. Participate in live events and conferences if required.

  22. Assist with creative direction and creative input to build projects, increase aesthetic value, improve brand coherance, and help establish a creative community that compliments the technical community.

Additional Responsibilities Considered Beneficial To The Role:

  1. Allocate formal time to personal development that will allow enhanced functioning in the
    DAO and promotion of its professionalism, for example through the formal acuisition of
    languages, Web 3 education credentials, public speaking training, or diplomatic qualifications.

  2. Providing pastoral support to team members to boost morale, improve cooperation, assist
    with personal development, and create a harmonious, friendly atmosphere in Proof of

All proposed responsibilities in the above lists are non-exhaustive, and other responsibilities may come to light as activity in the role and DAO develops.

Platforms Utilized for the Role:

  • Proof of Humanity Governance Forum
  • PoH Telegram
  • PoH-Kleros Discord
  • Twitter
  • Lenster & Lens product suite
  • Notion Dashboard
  • In-person conferences

This list may expand as development and activity in the role continues.

Scope of Limitations:

  1. Limited scope of responsibility: The DAO lead is responsible for leading and organizing
    the project, but their authority and responsibilities are limited to the specifics outlined in
    HIP-76 and the DAO Lead role proposal.

  2. Limited budget control: The DAO lead may not have control over the budget, and will
    explicitly work within the requirements of the DAO in relation to the treasury, fund
    management, payments, and transfers. Any transactions should be done utilizing blockchain
    technology wherever possible to ensure accountability and traceability.

  3. Limited decision-making power: The DAO lead may not have the final say on certain
    decisions, and may need to consult with other members or seek approval from the DAO
    before making certain decisions. In the event the DAO Lead also operates in a role of
    decision-making capacity, such as a Delegated Multi-Sig, the DAO Lead will be limited to
    the scope of responsibilities outlined in said role in addition to the DAO Lead role.

  4. Limited ability to hire and fire: The DAO lead may not have the authority to hire or fire
    team members without first consulting with the DAO and also by seeking clear approval through sound reasoning for any changes to a given team or project.

  5. Limited authority: The DAO Lead does not have executive authority and cannot make
    decisions on behalf of the entire DAO without signalling and consensus from the other members through open, and traceable channels.

Role Term Length:
In line with HIP-77, the role will involve a six month term with the oppertunity for renewel
depending on performance of all the above specifications and adjustment of those specifications if deemed necessary by the DAO.

The DAO Lead and DAO should give one calender month (30 days) notice before terminating
activity in the role, with a clear, reasonable reason given for termination.

The DAO retains the right to signal for the removal of a DAO Lead, or other such role, in the event they perform poorly or intentionally neglect their responsibilities without reasonable, evidenced justification (such as extenutating circumstances).

Contracted Hours:
The number of dedicated hours will be agreed on an individual basis, and agreed in advance before
commencing the role.

The ‘salary’ will be paid as a recurring grant in line with HIP-77. The amount will be agreed upon
before the commencement of the role. The DAO Lead will be considered formally considered a grant recipent, not a ‘hired employee’. This is to avoid grounds for legal ramifications and claims between the DAO, DAO Lead, and national governmental legislative bodies.

Reasonable Expenses:
Reasonable expenses to perform a function of the role should be reviewed and approved by the
DAO where applicable, for example:

  1. Communication expenses: In the event the DAO Lead is required to purchase and utilize a
    work phone, webcam, or other communication devices

  2. Marketing and advertising expenses: In the event marketing is required for a project, the
    DAO should adequately fund this pending approval from the DAO.

  3. Professional development expenses: Should the DAO seek explicit professional
    development from the DAO Lead, expenses, such as education costs, should be clearly
    provided, approved, and covered.

  4. Travel expenses: If the DAO lead is required to travel for meetings, conferences, or other
    events related to their role, they may incur expenses such as flights, accommodation, meals,
    and transportation. These expenses should be clearly documented and a pre-agreed budget
    allocated and adhered to.

Additionally, grants funded to cover these expenses should be conducted on-chain and clearly documented to illustrate transparency in both the DAO and in Web 3 governance.

Extenuating Circumstances:
If the DAO Lead is unable to perform their responsibilities for a period, or indefinitely, then this
should be clearly communicated with other team members and the DAO, as well as a justified
reason for the extenuating circumstances. The nature of these circumstances should be discussed
and resolved on a case by case basis.

The DAO Lead will not explicitly be paid for a holiday, but will continue to recieve their recurring
grant is a standard. The DAO Lead may take a reasonable amount of time-off per year in relation to
their proposed number of work hours. As a recommendation, this total may follow European

The specific number of days allocated for holiday will be agreed prior to the commencement of the
DAO Lead role on an individual basis.

The DAO should be notified of the dates of the holiday at least two weeks in advance, and should
not conflict with significant events that are important to the DAO, such as a major conference.

Extentuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Hopefully this is a good, comprehensive start to the hiring policy.

I welcome additional ammendments, comments, and feedback so we can continue to develop our future hiring framework to help build a network of abundance.

Something I am undecided on: I have also considered that a DAO Lead should have no voting power at all. As they would become a source of community support, their voting choices may result in an active following that vote with their decision based on principles of delegation (even if they don’t utilize the delegation system). In UK politics for example, if I’m not mistaken, the house Speaker can only vote to break ties and their participation is heavily limited to observational guidance, administration, and procedure. I would personally be comfortable with this as I feel the net-democratic worth to PoH is higher without a DAO Lead having the right to vote.