Deposit and Challenge Requests

Hello everyone! I am new to this project and I have only recently submitted my profile to the registry, therefore I might be mistaken about how the whole challenge system works and I apologise in advance if my complain comes from a misunderstanding of the rules.

I cannot stand the fact that a simple typo in the address displayed by the human involves that the human loses all the deposit. At this point in time the deposit is 0.128 ETH, roughly 500 USD. Most of the people submitting live in areas such as Latin America where 500 USD is a LOT of money (and I am not including the price of the fees to be paid during the process…).

I understand those who argue that rules are clear or vouchers must be more careful but people commit mistakes: it’s part of being human after all, this is the fact that we want to verify in the first place. And I do not like the part in which challengers gain money from other humans’ mistakes.

We need a way to verify humanity without punishing humans to be “too much human”.

  1. Why not lower the deposit by a little? 500 USD is too much for most of people, especially those that are approaching crypto for the first time.

  2. If there is a mismatch between the address displayed and the address in the video, just verify that the video address is not already registered by an other account; classify the error as “human error” and give back 80% of the deposit to the human, 20% to the challenger.

  3. Underline the risks of a bad submission more times during the process so that it’s very clear to people they have to check multiple times the addresses. I don’t think this is done enough.

Thanks for your time.

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I’m a 100% with you, and this is why I’m supporting the Proposal that removes this for a challenge reason.

The reason why the deposit is what it is now exceeds a little bit of what PoH can currently do. The contract sits in the Ethereum network and the amount of ETH is just enough to make the challenger task worth doing, and thus keeping the registry safe. Right now the abusive behaviour of challengers is considered by some as just collateral damage (I do not). Check this post to see how tricky it is to change the base deposit in PoH.

This solution is very tricky to implement in terms of the technicalities of how a Smart Contract works. The current contract is immutable and those changes would require that everything burns to the ground.

There are several independent efforts on this front. Currently site maintenance is understaffed (or non-staffed?) and every solution comes from very generous developers that send some pull request to the website repository. So if you are (or know someone who is) a dev, please help us.

I agree with the proposal of @Peter to reduce harshness of penalty for human error in the process. Also the amount of eth for deposit is a real drawback for people in low income areas, in which the UBI project would make the most sense… This is somehow purpose-defeating.

@ludovico is there a discussion on this at the moment?

I also understand the technical difficulties of altering the smart contract, however this should not prevent the introduction of changes that enhance the usability of the project! Things evolve and so should the code.

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Hi, i have the same thought about the stupid human mistake i commited with my address code. I even thougt " okey ill write it by hand because it is more human". I must recognize i was quite in a hurry that day, which ended in my mistake in one letter of the code.
I recognize my mistake, and im dealing with the debt i owe.
however i will like to know what can i do next. what happends with my profile which is still there. is there any way to recover at least a part of the investment? or to correct my mistake (idk… upload the video with the correct code )
Ill search in the articles here, but if anyone knows and cand give me some info, i’ll be gratful

Sorry, a discussion about what? I linked two relavant and related post in my first reply.