[Deprecated] HIP-XX Fixing HIP for HIPS 40,41,42

Edit: Mission Board has decided by majority 4 in favour, 1 absent that the modifications necessary will be endorse by them.
The overall goal of this hip is to produce a document that is compliant with current guideline standards and correct and ambiguity on the phrase that should be said in either English or Spanish.

Deliverables of this HIP are:

  • A PDF (or an equivalent and valid format if policy changes) that has reached a consensus of quality assurance and readiness of submission to the Governor
  • A change in the wording regarding HIP-42.

Other than these 2 items, the intent, contents and text of the approved aforementioned HIPs will be respected and maintained.

Onboard with this! Any differences of interpretation in the community should be considered, and this step is basically looking for that.