(Discussion) HIP 35 - Election of Snapshot Proposers

In the last couple of weeks, we discussed many different ideas on how to select the proposals as specified in HIP 34.

These are a couple of ideas:

  • Elect as a proposer anyone that requests to be a proposer.
  • Elect people that participated in the forum.
  • Make all registered humans automatically a proposer.
  • Make humans with a threshold UBI balance automatically a proposer.
  • Require proposers to put an eth deposit, that can be challenged in case of spam.

Assuming we have a decent set of proposers, imho we would have always one honest proposer and the DAO will be functional. So I believe we shouldn’t dwell too much on these questions or try to look for the ideal solution, but pick any option that is good enough.

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I’ve made these telegram polls to see how we could proceed:

Isn’t “Discussion” phase 1 of the HIP process?

I believe that overall the hip should cover these aspects

  • Ways of entering
    • Candidacy
    • Requirements
    • How and when and how frequent the timeframe of this should happen
    • Mechanisms and reasonable timeframe to do this.
  • Ways of exiting
    • Code of conduct
    • Voluntary withdrawal
  • Scope of action
    • What and what not is a proposer able to do.