Elected Officials?

We need formal leadership - there are too many small decisions here and there to always put to the vote. And how to put something to the vote is also such a decision.

If we don’t decide on a formal leadership, then there will remain an informal leadership of the people who created the dapp - or perhaps who will shout the loudest. And the informal leadership will not be effective because they will always lack the mandate for any decision they make.

I propose that we vote simply on whether or not we should have an elected leadership - the implementation and precise rules can be decided as follow-up decisions.


True. I believe a holacracy model would very much suit this org. Elected individuals are required for accountability, and the spectrum between centralized and decentralized is always better than only being one of those.
Kleros governor system works as the executor of the upgrades to the system, by mandate of what PoH says using liquid democracy and quadratic voting, but what you are saying here is that we need dedicated people to be the ones guiding the way and to be accountable for. I agree. These should be people who are active listeners of the community while also professionals.
Important is to say that this elected leadership will work as representatives, which can be changed if they do not comply with the quality demanded.
Do you see this elected leadership as what the DAO is hiring atm? The PM and the devs or do you imagine other roles?

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My suggestion is that an elected group and employee would be separate.
The elected group would do two things

  • Curate and formulate decisions to be voted on (Or decide how to curate them automatically).
  • Interact with the employees to communicate the decisions by the dapp, determine precise working conditions, and evaluate performance.

Basically what our informal leadership is doing ATM.

Perhaps they should be given a small monthly salary (in $UBI from the dapp) for their work, but a lot less than employees.

Agree on both things.
Choosing the visionaries that lead the DAO, among those @santisiri and others actively engaging with the community.
And, on the salary that they need to perceive.
I think this is already in the Democracy Earth vision. Would be nice that some of the team provides more info on this.

Yes, I agree, it is 99.9 % likely that we would elect our current informal leaders:)

  • and give them a mandate, so they don’t feel guilty about making decisions.
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