[Electing] A 5th board member

This is the election thread for a 5th board member, specified by HIP-21.

I propose that we allow 14 days for candidates to come forward from the date of this post.
The election will be held by approval voting.

Who will stand for election?


Hello humans. As an introduction, please see my delegation post :point_left:.

I am here to serve the community and build a protocol that is critical to fully realizing web3. The office should seek the person, not the person the office. I am running because several community members I respect asked me to. Regardless of winning I am here participating!

Whether you vote for me or not, please :point_right: take a moment to leave some anonymous feedback. Regardless of winning, I want to understand everyone’s priorities. I won’t share any feedback publicly; it’s just for me.

Thanks to @Mads for all the work he has done on HIPs, including the Mission Board!


For clarification:

  • The only thing required to be a candidate is to write your intention to be a candidate in this thread.
  • How you want to convince people to vote for you is up to you.
  • You are welcome to discuss your candidature in this thread.
  • The deadline for candidates is on the 4th of August.

Since @Justin is the only candidate, but an election is still required, I have set up a confirmation vote:


Thanks for taking care of the whole process @Mads


So, the confirmation vote for @Justin ended, and we can welcome him to the board with a unanimous vote of confidence. Congrats @Justin.

Note that since you have the seat with the latest expiration date (August 12th, 2026) you also have the tie-breaker vote on the board until someone new is elected.