First Twitter Space Questions Thread

On Monday, December 13 3pm UTC we will be having our first Twitter Space Community Call.
Post your questions and comments in this thread so we can comment them during the Space time (pun intended).


Hi mate!
We have a lot of proposals at the moment to change the UI, the registration rules and modalities, and even DAO’s rules. So my question is:
In order not to lose the thread in the middle of all these possible modifications (some desirable, others less so), would it be possible to list them and, in a collegial way, to prioritise them (probably by creating dedicated voting sessions) by trying to match the technological needs that these require with the developer resources that they suppose?


Question: What is the long-term vision of the UBI project?

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I’d like 2 minutes to tell the community about a project we are working on:

Proof of Integrity, a decentralized protocol to certify who’s in need and should get help signing up + extra UBIs. We are planning to launch the MVP in the coming weeks.


i would like to ask how to get in touch with Santi and other developpers in order to coordinate for some developements of the UBI token

I suggest posting in the Developers category here in the forum.