Fixing "low-hanging fruit" UX issues in the PoH frontend app

Hey everyone!

I have some time on my hands to help out with the Proof of Humanity project. While there have been a number of proposals for major protocol changes, there is also some pretty low-hanging fruit in the existing site that could substantially improve the user experience, and decrease the chance of users accidentally getting challenged. These include:

  1. More hand holding on the create a profile flow. Right now, I have to click “Connect” before I can begin creating a profile, which is confusing if you aren’t used to dapps.
  2. Include easy instructions (or perhaps even a mandatory step?) that users can use to get their profile checked in the community support groups before final submission.
  3. Better error messages. The first time I tried to submit a profile, the submission failed because somehow Metamask got connected to the wrong wallet. But there was no error message on the site—it looked like the transaction had gone through. Similar issues may occur when vouching.
  4. Validate the video and photo algorithmically before submission to ensure they match the correct format.

Assuming there’s some consensus that these are issues worth solving, I may start work on this soon. What other easy fixes/low-hanging fruit are there to make the user experience really great?

  1. Offer an opt-in option to send the ETH of the deposit to the ubiWETH vault when a user clicks on “Finalize Registration”. This can help grow organically the funds in the ubiWETH vault that will burn UBI with yield. If 10k users do this, we get up to 1200 ETH in the vault (around $4 million at today’s prices) which could burn as much as $200k worth of UBI every year.

Thanks for picking up the second item, I posted it a while ago but didn’t promote it enough. IMO just by linking the profile check group the majority of submission’s mistakes will drop.

Item 4 is great too, there’s no reason for the page to not check your submission automatically to add another layer of protection to the registrant’s deposit.

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@Kyle - I think you missed this mock-up design. It would be great if you and @sengaa could co-operate and make something amazing.

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@Kyle: Correct me if I am wrong (@clesaege), but I don’t think you even need permission to build a new web-site interacting with the protocol.
If you build something great, which I am sure you will, PoH will probably recommend people signing up through your web-site and/or “adopt” it.

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