[Phase-1] HIP-25 Improve PoH Registration UI to facilitate onboarding

HIP: 25
title: PoH Registration UI Upgrade
author: Senga
status: Phase 1
created: 2021-08-16 

Simple Description

Improving the PoH registration process by implementing a new optimised UI for the Profile Submission form.


This proposal provides a new UI for the PoH profile Registration form. The existing form is showing to be a bottleneck for the expansion of PoH. The high amounts of queries and unnecessary submission errors are stoping the current growth of PoH and will deter new users from registering in the future. We believe that providing a better UX can solve these problems and fast track the adoption of PoH.


On multiple occasions, the community has identified the need to make the registration process easier. The registration step is the first and most important step for PoH due to 4 reasons:

  • It’s the first interaction with PoH
  • There’s a high risk of losing money if guidelines are not followed
  • Failing to register not only affects the individual but can impact the reputation of PoH as a platform
  • The success of PoH is tied to its capacity to onboard the widest audience possible. Errors in the registration will deter users.

Improving this process is a key step to accelerate PoH adoption and make it accessible to non-tech savvy audiences. There have been multiple ideas on how to make this happen. @RoboTeddy is working on changes in the guidelines and the underlying method of validation. However, as @Justin pointed out in this post, most of the current errors and complaints can be addressed by improving the UI. Redesigning the interface of the registration form is the fastest and easiest way to start this improvement while other members of the community work on deeper changes.

By updating the interface we believe we can:

  • Reduce image/video upload errors
  • Reduce address errors
  • Accelerate Vouching and Registration Process


The new UI would follow the prototype in this link

The key aspects of the new UI are:

  1. Wizard Format to break down the registration process
  2. Inclusion of Do’s and Don’ts for Image and Video submissions
  3. Inclusion of a Profile Revision Step with a compliance checklist
  4. Explanation on funding options
  5. Warning on the irreversibility of the profile submission
  6. Links to Vouching, Crowdfunding and Next Steps
  7. Multi-Language Support

Please note that the final design will be updated before moving to a signalling phase.

This HIP is part of a program for operationalizing PoH. The whole community is invited to participate in its drafting. This document will remain open to suggestions and every day it will be checked by Senga (Discord: Senga#7185) and the UI/UX team.

Within Discord, community calls are carried out every week on Monday (2 am Buenos Aires; 22 hrs PST; and Central Europe 7 am) to collectively draft/discuss this HIP. Recordings will be available on the YouTube and Twitch channels.

Let’s build PoH together, let’s make PoH a truly humanity-owned organization


Count me in as a huge supporter! @sengaa’s user interface improvements are the “low-hanging fruit” for making PoH better and more accessible — I’m all in.


Cant agree more. Maybe some focus to test some designs should be good. We shouldnt just vote the final design.

Updating the UI could be good. But I don’t see what effect this HIP would have as UIs are not owned by the DAO and anyone can run them.


Creo que sería una buena forma de saltear por completo este obstáculo sería que aparte de cambiar la interfaz de usuario , las fotos y video deberían quedar 24 a 72 Hs en Recicion antes de poder terminar el registro y las mismas controladas por los grupos en un principio luego de crecer mucho la comunidad se habilitaría personas a este fin ,
Pese a que todo es muy costoso en cuestión tanto de tiempo como de trabajo y no hay programadores que se dediquen de tiempo entero a la comunidad . Y todo es a pulmón y bondad de grandes personas que se pusieron esto como meta viable . Creo que le falta incentivo a la pagina o wallet es necesario hacer una capa intermedia con interacción de ubi con los usuarios , que POSTA se encuentre claramente identificada en la wallet y trabajar en otras cosas para poder quemar ubi ej algún juego de lotería o pensar en algún juego tipo Axie o cualquier otro NFT . Introducir una etiqueta de algún tipo de diario NFT cripto . La verdad hay muchas cosas interesantes para agregar y que la gente se interese . Un trueque con ubi . Todo que se encuentre en un mismo lugar y de fácil acceso . Igual de programación yo 0 . Pero entiendo no son cosas del otro mundo y que ya están escritas en su gran mayoría .