Forking: Practical Issues

If we decide to go ahead with the fork, perhaps we should discuss some of the practical implications. I thought it was best to start a new thread for this discussion, separate from the question of whether we should split.


  1. Treasury - what level of the split?
  2. Branding - who owns the name, logo, web-addresses, etc. ?
  3. Affiliation of the UBI DAO - which protocol will it use?
  4. Member split - members carry over to both protocols or are forced to choose?

My own suggestions

  1. Treasury - 50/50 seems good because which delegation rules would we apply to a vote?
  2. Branding - This represents a lot of value, but I suggest both communities abandon these assets because I doubt we will reach an agreement.
  3. UBI affiliation - Would do a UBI DAO vote immediately after a vote to split.
  4. Member split - Unsure what is the best course of action.

What issues did I miss and how do you think this should be solved?

I think the proposal just made covers some of these issues, what do you think? [Phase 1] HIP 74: A Peaceful Fork 🕊 - #5 by juanu


I was unable to delete the topic, but please disregard it and discuss in the proposal.