Formal request to unban me from the old spanish Group

Members of the Mission Board

Hello, I am formally requesting (after successive attempts to do it over Telegram channels, which might get lost in the infinite scroll) that my ban to the Spanish group is lifted, especially in consideration that this could be interpreted as election interference, since I am the proposer of HIP 48, and it was Clement that triggered that ban via successive warns in that group.

For the good of democracy and free speech, I humbly urge you to do this with a reasonable time to discuss the HIP before the ending of HIP 48 phase 2 election ends.

I understand there are some other hotter topics at the moment.

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Hi Luis,
You have been banned 1 week for making a troll account (Napoleon) and trying to evade the 1 day ban.
We will however discuss that with the board.
Kind regards,

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I wasn’t banned by a generic person, I was banned with your personal account and by your definition of trolling, which is the exact reason of why I am doing the request. For the health of our democracy and free exchange of ideas I will not dessist in this request. A failure to do so, would further justify the reasons to further go on with HIP-48

For the record, I paste the message to which I was banned:
Warn 1 Telegram: Contact @proofofhumanityenespanol
Warn 2
Warn 3

Just would like to add that I agree with the 1 week ban, since Luis has used an alt account to troll, so it’s like having two bans.

Luis confirms that here:

As you correctly quoted, the alt account was for protest against the suppression I am currently being submitted to. That account has been banned, and the legitimate right to protest under silencing condition was the thing that triggered the protest.
The alt-account is just a distraction to the suppression of speech, specially coming from a position of power.

If you troll to protest bans because you were banned by trolling, then you can troll endlessly with multiple accounts, which is not desirable.

I sustain that this is not a valid justification.

Moving forward, by having multiple admins/mods, and having mechanisms to express dissent between actions (as voted by the MB), we’ll be able to get to a better situation where multiple opinions are weighted on these bans.

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It is left on record the involvement in this speech suppression tactic.

I think there’s a clear conflict of interest with this ban and tactical speech suppression is indeed not desirable for our dao.