Fund appeal reward not received yet

Hi everyone, yesterday I funded an appeal on a challenged registration (now the profile is removed). I funded the 100% of the appeal, and my side won the dispute.
The reward was 200%.

Here is the transaction and a screenshot of the transaction for funding the appeal:


The problem is that only the 0.266 eth fund was returned, I did not recieve any reward as you can see in my wallet:

I would like to know how much time should I wait for that, because I had to pay a 50usd fee and due to the fact that my side won the dispute I should recieve my reward.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi ferit. I dont know if the counterparty did or did not pay the deposit, but in any case it does not matter. According to the Appeal section of POH it states:

“Help fund a side’s appeal fees to win part of the other side’s deposit when your side ultimately wins. If only one side manages to fund their fees, it automatically wins.”
“For Contributors
If this side wins, you get back your contribution and a 200% reward.”

So even if the counterparty does not pay anything I should have recieved my reward.

Note: The image from above is from another Appeal, mine said 200%.

Ok, thx. I wouldn’t be so bugged if it werent for the 50 bucks I lost :frowning:

Ok, one more question. If I were the challenger and won the case the deposit of 0.157 eth of the other side is given to me right? So I don’t mess the next time :slight_smile:

Thx! I forgot to tell you something. Yesterday after I made the deposit for the appeal I checked like one hour after, and it still said: 0% Funded /0 ETH of 0.266 ETH. (and I funded 100%).

Also, the Contribute button was still enabled, and I could click on it and enter an amount on the text box that appeared (ofc I didnt authorize the trasaction, anyway I dont know if the transaction would be allowed).

Maybe it is just that changes on the UI for the appeal section take some time, idk.

2 hours:

48 seconds:

Let me add a bit more information on this:
There was an error on PoH subgraph which caused it to stop syncing Saturday (April 10th). The issue was fixed but that is probably the reason you saw outdated information on the UI.

Could someone sum up the issue and resolution here? Only half of the conversation is visible.

Having some problems there Robb?

Hey team! we had another user that misunderstood the text and sent an appeal expecting to receive a reward without an appeal round.

Is is possible to make it more clear in the text that there’s only a reward if there’s an appeal round?


Thanks Aleix for updating the text! :mechanical_arm: