Help request - proof of humanity registration renewal

Greetings to all members of the community, I’m writing here in the hope that someone can help me.
Yesterday I started the procedure to renew my subscription to “Proof of Humanity”, my profile had already been approved but the deadline was approaching. I sent photos, videos and everything requested; I made the deposit and paid the commissions (still high).

A user opened a dispute by writing:

“Challenge Justification
Profile picture is mirrored and vote must be no according to POH policy mirrored picture is not allowed”

It seems to me that everything is actually correct and that what the user writes is false.
Looking at the profile of this user NITESH KAWADKAR (NITESH)

I noticed suspicious behavior, this individual spends his time contesting registration and renewal requests, and almost always with false and invented reasons, and then wins the disputes with his sole vote. This behavior, totally in opposition to the cooperative spirit of a community, is harmful to users, damages them economically and morally, and forces them to distance themselves from this project.

If disputes are won in this way, if this happens it is clear that there is something not working well on this platform

Can anyone kindly give me some advice? Am I at risk of losing my deposit?

I apologize for my imperfect English

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