HIP-5 upgrade discussion thread / Hilo de discusión sobre la actualización de la HIP-5

This thread will be to try to have a fruitful discussion that with luck, will lead to a Phase 1 of a HIP that will upgrade and amend the HIP-5 functionality.
We can use the recent experiences in governance to explore what went right and what went wrong in previous instances of the HIP 5 framework.

For starters, some questions that will trigger the debate:

  • Is HIP-5 properly defined?
  • Is the time-frame for new HIPs adequate?
  • Is the overall procedure clear and free of different interpretations?

Este hilo servirá para intentar mantener un debate fructífero que, con suerte, desemboque en la fase 1 de un HIP que actualice y modifique la funcionalidad del HIP-5.
Podemos utilizar las experiencias recientes en materia de gobernanza para explorar lo que salió bien y lo que salió mal en las instancias anteriores del marco HIP 5.

Para empezar, algunas preguntas que desencadenarán el debate:

  • ¿Está bien definido el HIP-5?
  • ¿Es adecuado el plazo para los nuevos PIS?
  • ¿Es el procedimiento general claro y libre de diferentes interpretaciones?

I think it’s interesting that a variable of the Phase voting process is open up for debate. We could do an amendment HIP to HIP 5 where we can vote the length of the Phase 2 Signalling polls.

On the other hand, I think that all HIPs previously voted were regarded as valid by the community as a whole. This issue arising now shouldn’t impact the perception of that and, if necessary, the Mission Board can issue a recommendation about this (as per HIP 7).


in any healthy democracy. the subject of. the retroactivity of the law is very important, it must be clear that HIPs cannot be. retroactive, except for specific exceptions