HIP-62 Explicitely forbid farming of profiles

HIP: 62
title: Explicitely forbid farming of profiles
authors: @clesaege
status: Phase 1
created: 2022-09-09
conflicts with: None
languages: EN

Simple Summary

Change the registration rules to explicitly prohibit registering accounts not in control of the users.


The proposal will explicitly prohibit accounts not controlled by the registered human of a profile.


There has been some cases of people farming profiles, asking people to make videos and keeping control of their accounts. In the absence of explicit rules, some profiles were rejected while some were accepted. Accepting those profiles goes against Sybil resistance and should forbidden.




Definitely in favour of this AND most farming legislations.

Would you also include this in the sentences one says when registering?

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Yeah, we had discussed about asking people to certify registrants are in control of their wallets.

Hey. I believe this HIP might already be in the process of doing that.

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Yeah this looks on the same idea, I’ll withdraw this proposal if the text of HIP-55 goes the same way.

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