HIP-7: Institute management Board (phase-1)

HIP: 7
title: Institute a management Board
author: @Mads
status: Draft
created: 2021-04-29

This proposal is to create a board of members with the responsibility of managing the DAO resources (employees, websites, money) in accordance with democratic decisions.

At the moment, the creators of the DAO have control of all resources as a trusted group. However, to have a democratic institution this power needs to be under democratic control. In addition, the employees of the DAO need to be treated consistently by the same group of people to ensure good working conditions.

The current informal managers, 4 Kleros members, and 2 Democracy.Earth members are formalized as the management board for a period of 1 year after adoption. Thereafter elections are held for the positions according to rules specified in the meantime.


I think it’s a good idea, but I would call them advisors instead of managers. I expect people taking paid positions for the DAO to do more “management” than people of the board who are unpaid.


I think “advisors” isn’t the right term for the role I proposed, but “management” perhaps isn’t either.
I assume the management team wouldn’t immediately gain access to all resources (tokens, money, voting procedures, issuance, etc.). Some highly trusted members of the community have to pay them and control their access to resources.

Perhaps just we could just drop the qualifier and just call it “board”?
Let me know if you see the role differently? - Any other/different responsibilities you see?

Or we could call it a “mission” board? (leaning towards holocracy/sociocracy terminology).

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