HIP-74: Peaceful Fork Status Thread

Again, let me introduce you to the idea that you don’t need a working solution, only the constitution and the governor. You can and should take whichever time you need to launch your version.

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You’re not introducing anything. You are assuming we did not understand and you are being condescendent and setting the pace of development and foundation of a DAO. You are not doing anyone’s favour wasting time when the first message was clear, then the second, then the third.

Our forum is there and posting screenshots of our status thread is both inefficient and disrespectful of OpenPoH community.

If your next message is just another of your “clarifications” or “introduction to ideas” I will have to assume that this is, once more and according to your own tradition, just an endless loop of repetition and grinding the audience. That is where this interaction will end if this happens.

Thank you, for your cooperation.


Luis, it’s pretty simple, if you argue that you didn’t had time to code a complete solution, I’ll have to point it out that it’s not necessary. You are the one making me repeat it, and that’s disrespectful to all of us that want the split process to be ready and done.

Feel free to post wherever you want. Thank you!

No need to fight there. There is no need of a full solution (we ain’t ready for deployment on our side either), just the constitution so we can get the constitutional vote.
@santisiri is the constitution final, do you intend to translate it in English or do you want us to do it for you? (we can use Linguo)