HIP-74: Peaceful Fork Status Thread

Hey everyone!

I’m creating this thread to have a place where we can keep both sides of the fork updated about their status.

- This thread should not in any circumstance be used for discussions, arguments, fights, negative comments. Focus on communicating your status.

So I’ll start with Proof of Humanity Origin:

The Proof of Humanity Origin community has been discussing its (initial, minimal) constitution draft with the community, and we are around 30% done. We estimate that a couple more weeks (maybe 3 or 4) should be enough to get ready to put it to vote according to HIP-74.

We are also finishing our version of POHv2 and should be ready to launch as soon as the constitution is approved.

We’ll communicate here when we have our Snapshot and Governor ready.


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Bumping this thread!

Bumping this thread. Even if you don’t have the exact date, it would be nice to have any kind of updates. Thanks a lot!

No updates will be posted in this thread, so no need to bump it further. As we are working on OpenPoH we leave a link to GitHub which is constantly updated with the contribution of those who are building the project.

This reply should not in any circumstance be used for discussions, arguments, fights, negative comments.

Good luck with PoH Origin.

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Thanks Luis for your response. I wasn’t able to gauge or estimate if you are getting close to proceed with the forking process or not by looking at the Github repos. I’ll continue looking for updates there.

I’ll keep posting the updates about POH Origin here!

We’ll hold a call this week to discuss article 4 of our draft/constitution, and we are looking to set up a date for the demo of our V2 that is virtually completed.

Whatever “OpenPoH” Democracy Earth is building, is not eligible for Peaceful Fork status. This is because they are not respecting this clause from the specification:

Moving forward, two deployments of PoH v2 will be executed that will have backwards compatibility with the list of humans available on PoH v1.

If any other entity apart from Democracy Earth wants to actually build the OpenPoH side, they should start, and the Kleros Governor will recognize it with more likelihood than whatever santi is pretending to build. If no one is interested in doing it, I will just build the OpenPoH side myself so that we can move forward with the fork.

This is awesome, any ETA for proposing a constitution/governor, so we can just proceed with the forking process?

Our constitution can be found here: https://github.com/OpenProofOfHumanity/proof-of-humanity-constitution/blob/main/Acta%20de%20Constitución%20de%20Open%20%26%20Democratic%20Proof%20of%20Humanity%20DAO.md

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Great! Are you ready to put it to vote in 2 weeks? And ready to get your governor or address up and running so we can execute the fork?

Any updates will be posted in the corresponding platform. Again, unless this is a Daytona Racetrack I believe we are cool about constantly low-key nudging what is done and what is not. People awaits for Kleros v2 for years and we respect that good things take time to consolidate. We are building an Open Proof of Humanity Forum launching later this week and a status thread will be kept updated there.

I’m asking because we estimate to be ready by then. Notice I’m not asking about the finished solution which certainly can take time, I’m asking only about the minimum requirements for the fork/split process that was voted 4 months ago.

Duly noted. The fact that you are ready earlier or that it’s been voted 4 months ago is not relevant. We’ll be ready when we will be. Until then, #patience.

Notice that one of the main reasons for progressing sooner rather than later is that half of the registry will expire in the next couple of months - starting this week.

It’s important to align our communication about this, so we can properly advise people on what to do.

Will send the forum link as soon it is up and you’ll be able to check updates there.

It is not that we are not worried about the expiration of profiles, it is that we are working against the clock to provide with the safest and most streamlined product.

We can set a bar based on the product launching within the following dates:

  • Minimum: a couple of weeks
  • Maximum: a period equivalent to the date of promise of Kleros Version 2 and the actual fulfilllment of that promise (which I assume you consider a reasonable amount of time).

I am 100% confident that Open PoH would be launched betwen that max and min dates.

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Again, I’m not talking about the product being ready, just the constitution + governor so we can execute the fork and freeze v1.

They will come as OpenPoH see fit, thanks for the concern and stay tuned. It is not up to either end of the split side to set the pace of the other, and this is beginning to very much sound like it. I hope I am wrong.

Here’s the Open PoH Status thread. All news will be posted there.

Nice. For the record, it’s currently empty.

I’ll copy paste the updates here.

Reminder that POH Origin is almost ready, profiles start to expire in 2 days, and we would like to proceed as soon as possible because POH Origin is safer for users and requires less fees to renew.

Really? Your solution is copying and pasting another forum? This speaks tons…

I insist on this.

It is becoming less and less of a “peaceful fork” if there is rushing over the other side, this v2 you are launching was promised and was supposedly under development months (years?) ahead of the split proposal, so you kinda had a headstart. Not only that, it is barely professional on Kleros behalf.