HIP-? on Snapshot Editorial Rights

Hi humans,

Today we had a spam attack on snapshot.org/#/poh.eth. I erased all the spammy posts that contained random quotes from sci-fi books. To prevent further action of this kind, I only restricted to admins to publish any HIP for voting there. You can reach me (or any Mission Board member) to publish a HIP in the meantime. But we should draft a HIP that we can all agree on how the DAO shall manage this task moving forward.

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I had proposed this [Phase-2] HIP-23 Snapshot Administration - #16 by clesaege

If I’m correct, HIP 23 was about giving the mission board control over what is being put in Snapshot. I believe this HIP might be looking for a different, trustless alternative than that one.

Two brainstorm options:

  1. If I remember correctly, @juanu mentioned that an interphase that allows humans to sign is not that hard to make. We could set up a bounty to create such interphase and create a quorum mechanism, e.g. a certain amount of human signatures are required to move the proposal to a phase 3 voting. This would be an equivalent of a phase 2 poll, so this might be a chance to revise the underspecified HIP 5

  2. Same mechanism as 1, but with a fork of token log. Don’t know exactly what would it take and how should it work but I guess that would also require a HIP 5 reform.

Edit: a quorum mechanism has been discussed before Proposals require Quorum to pass?

Edit 2: as a side note, these recent attacks make absolutely no sense. Has anything similar ever happened in any other DAO community? What could be the purpose of these attacks?

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HIP 23 was rejected.

I voted against HIP 23 on the grounds that it gave too much power to the Mission Board and it could lead in the future to a scenario where the board has the power to censor proposals that went against its interests. I think we need and can do something better than that.



I was proposing this to allow humans to sign arbitrary messages. I’m not sure it’s that east to replace Snapshot.

However, it would be a great use case to ask Snapshot if adding a feature to give permissions to post based on some mechanism (like with voting) would be easy to implement.


HIP-23 does not allow board members to censor proposal (while the current state could).

I resubmitted HIP-23 to unblock the situation.

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I think a more frictionless approach should be considered… ideally not requiring a fork of the Snapshot page. But I’m okay with @clesaege resubmitting HIP 23 for re-consideration of the community.

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Well we could have the DAO kinda control the page via controlling the ENS. But if the governance gets locked up due to board censoring I don’t see how we could use it. After the governance is unlocked we could always go back to the original page.

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