How to anonymize UBI token drip?

Hi, I need a little hand-holding here. I have created an account on Tornado Cash Nova but I’m not sure how to use it to anonymize my interaction with the Proof of Humanity UBI project.

You state the following in your “Submit Profile” page

To improve your privacy, we recommend using an address which is already public or a new one-seeded through

Hi! You do not need to have an account to use tornado cash

OK, here’s what I think I need to do, does this sound right ?

  1. Create a new noncustodial wallet on my Ledger Nano X to exclusively hold UBI drip proceeds. Let’s call the wallet UbiDripRx
  2. Wait for enough UBI to drip in to, after trading fees, fund enough ETH to allow the UbiDripRx wallet to cover its own gas fees of Nova registration.
  3. Register the UbiDripRx wallet with Tornado Nova (this would likely consume gas)
  4. Register a public wallet with Nova to receive funds
  5. Upload funds from the UbiDripRx wallet to the Nova Pool
  6. Download funds from the Nova Pool to the public wallet