How to avoid duplicate accounts : methods

Hi everyone!

I was thinking how to avoid duplicate accounts. The fact that other human vouches you is not enough to certify that you already have an account.
Scenery 1 :

  1. I am already registered in PoH.
  2. Then I create a new account and I vouch to me.

I’ll have 2 accounts of my self.
If I compare the two accounts is this obvious (not to mention mods with AI) that I am the same person and someone can request removal. But this is possible if I compare one profile vs all the profiles. Or if I track the vouch lead.

Scenery 2:

  1. I am already registered in PoH.
  2. I vouch to a 2nd person.
  3. Then I create a new account and 2nd person vouches my second account.

I’ll have 2 accounts of my self and the vouch lead is less obvious.

Possible solution
You don’t choose who to vouch. Is assigned and each person must vouch at least one person.
In Telegram group PoH Corwdvoucher the person how is going to vouch a new user can call to the new user and validate its identity. A videocall is much difficult to falsify than a video.
This does not prevent you from registering twice, but it does make it harder to spoof accounts with bots (using videos made by AI). To maintain privacy, the numbers can be encrypted and the call can be made without displaying the numbers.

You can have more than one account, but none of them will be from a bot

The reason for the strict photo rules, deposit, and 2.5 days “challenge” period is to allow for others to detect your duplicate registration. Challengers are financially incentivized to build AI bots that leverage facial recognition, blockchain forensics, whatever method they want (already happening). If you try to register a duplicate you will be caught, lose your deposit, AND lose the registration of your first profile.

Also the requirement of 1 vouch is just for now. In the future the community may vote to increase the vouch requirements to more (I fully expect this). So for example let’s say the requirement is 3 vouches. If you try and register a duplicate, when you are caught all 3 will lose their registration as well.

The goal is that you only vouch for people you actually know. Tools like the Crowdvoucher are temporary to bootstrap adoption.

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