I saw this profile before the challenge and wished I had a way to warn her

It was vouched for and challenged very quickly, in the past 24 hours. I wonder if this was the same party doing both actions.

The profile:

The current Kleros home page displays PoH challenges as sample court cases. They all make me feel sad and disillusioned.

Question: what would some good ways be to determine if the voucher and challenger are actually the same person?

no, I vouched for her, my bad, for some reason the video mirrored after I uploaded…I didn’t checked :worried: :disappointed_relieved:

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This has come up before with the idea of altruistic reviews. We already have bio as part of the metadata, a proposal to add some sort of optional contact field would be great. The UI could remind that it is public “forever” but also is helpful for community members to reach out if needed. Could be a general field for email / twitter / Discord / whatever. Maybe “how to get in contact with me” or similar.