IMHO: Early Project Review

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I have a review of an extremely promosing, early-alpha-stage PoH project, IMHO, that I believe could contribute significant value to the ecosystem. I hope this post brings more community and DAO awareness to the project, and encourages the team members in their building efforts.

What is IMHO?

In My Human Opinion aims to provide real, verifiable human opinions, reviews, and commenting to the internet. In the looming age of A.I, fake reviews, bots, and scammy fake products, IMHO has real use cases, and brings genuine potential value to the Kleros-PoH-UBI ecosystem

Simple Summary:

IMHO is an early-alpha stage project being predominantly managed by: Yaco , Julie , and Juanma that could integrate with our ecosystem wonderfully. It will encourage growth of the protocol, create jobs and trust in Web 3, and give PoH access to both mass research markets and clients with specialized research interests.

Their team is very active, they have been extremely enjoyable to communicate with, and they have a strong knowledge of the PoH ecosystem and it’s various policies.

What Value Does IMHO Bring to the Ecosystem?

In the future, there is plenty of potential to integrate with other protocols and products in the Kleros-PoH-Ubi ecosystem, but the team is focused on independent development at this time The developers are also interested in integrating UBI-burning as part of the fees from proceeds, although nothing is confirmed at this time. IMHO allows PoH to spearhead a number of research industries, particularly the academic field.

Valuable Resource For Academic & Coroprate Researchers:

IMHO could be used as a platform for researchers to gather data from a pool of human subjects. Researchers could create surveys or other forms of data collection through IMHO, and the platform’s integration with Proof of Humanity (PoH) ensures that the responses are coming from real human subjects.
A few researchers and industries that could potentially make use of IMHO:

  1. Market research firms: IMHO could be used to gather real human opinions and feedback on products or services.

  2. Social scientists: IMHO could be used to gather data and insights on human behavior and attitudes.

  3. Human resources: IMHO could be used by HR departments to gather real human feedback on job postings, job candidates or employee performance. Kleros Curate overlaps here slightly in terms of human resource disputes.

  4. Educational researchers: Gather data and feedback on teaching methods and student learning. Gather feedback on educational institutions.

  5. Customer service: Gather real human feedback on their products or services, and to improve the customer experiences.

This could be especially useful for researchers who are looking to gather data from a specific demographic or geographic location, as IMHO could be used to target specific groups of users.

Lack of data, and the difficulty acccessing good data is a major hurdle in research, and is often expensive. IMHO is a piece of the puzzle that helps the Kleros-PoH ecosystem spearhead the academic and education sector with trackable, provable research data.

Potential Challenges:

There are some logistical challenges in IMHO that I foresee. For example, if the team decide to offer specialist opinions, they will need to develop how to assess an individual’s suitability to provide specialised feedback. They will also need to ensure feedback is coherent, and meets IMHO’s potential client expectations.

One example could be that spelling errors in an opinion-piece or review shouldn’t be considered lacking specialist knowledge, but making a clear error in factual information, for example, quoting a non-existent piece of legislature, would be.

I have made myself available to the team should they need assistance with brainstorming, product synthesis, discussing solutions, and writing documentation. I can also assist should they to expand their work across the broader ecosystem in the far future. However, as the project is in the early stages, they are not looking at integrations at this stage.


I believe IMHO brings a lot to the ecosystem, has great value prospects, and integrates excellently with our ecosystem structure. I believe they are deserving of our attention and development should be encouraged.

I also think they are excellent candidates to be funded with a grant to support building the product, should IMHO make a formal project proposal and request to the DAO in the future.

I have added a small landing page to the PoH Notion project dashboard which can be viewed here. I will update this with new information as it becomes available.

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