Introducing Humanity Unchained DAO

Dear fellow humans,

I would like to share with the PoH community a project we just launched called Humanity Unchained DAO (or HUD, for short). It uses Proof of Humanity to build a semi-direct democracy on-chain that allows humans to collectively interact with any smart contract trustlessly. The vision of the project is to become the starting point of a new breed of alternative global governance systems to which humans can freely subscribe to and build, in contrast to the current rigid and opaque governance systems imposed to us through governments and supranational organizations. More information is available in the website:

A small remark for those interested: we decided to deploy HUD on Polygon, not in Ethereum, for practical reasons. An oracle contract, managed by the DAO iself, is used to copy the state of the PoH addresses from Ethereum to Polygon. This means that anyone who is registered in PoH can use HUD with his/her PoH address.

Apologies for the intrusion, but we thought it would make sense to make an announcement on the PoH forum as it could be of interest for many PoH enthusiasts.



hey, that’s very cool! Would you be able to verify the contract code on etherscan so we can interact with it more safely?

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Hi John, this is very welcome news to us - PoH can only succeed if people build something with the protocol. I would recommend also joining the the PoH Telegram group and perhaps organising an open call to present your vision.
If you have a Spanish-speaker on your team, a presentation in Spanish would also be an idea, since this is a big PoH language.


Thanks! Sure, we just did that :grinning:

Note that, since we use the EIP1967 standard to make the contracts upgradeable, the verification might seem a bit confusing at first. So, we updated the documentation with a brief explanation to clarify this: hud/smart_contracts at master · hhh01398/hud · GitHub

Also, the contracts are deployed in Polygon, so the explorer is not Etherscan but Polygonscan.

Hi Mads. Thank you for the suggestion! Yes, we have a Spanish-speaker in our team, so we could do that presentation in either or both English or Spanish.

PoH can only succeed if people build something with the protocol.

I agree. I think PoH is a great project with a lot of potential to grow. That’s why chose of PoH as a base to create a sybil-proof list of humans for HUD.

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Would you like to make a presentation about your project next Wednesday on our community call?

Sure, that’d be great. Someone in the team will join the call.

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That’s awesome! We hold community calls every Wednesday, 1:30PM UTC at Telegram: Contact @proofhumanity If that’s not possible for you or your team, what’s a better day and time for us to schedule Humanity Unchained DAO introduction to members?

Hi NingFig. Thanks very much for the flexibility! Wednesday is actually not ideal for us. Would Tuesday or Thursday at 4:00PM UTC work for you? Btw, feel free to ping me on Telegram Telegram: Contact @john_HUD if that is better than here.