Issue with UBI DAO Governor

Hi, after the approval of UIP-6, I have moved forward and staked the 5.7 ETH to fix arbitratorExtraData on the UBI DAO Governor

I was able to SubmitList, waited for the 7 days lockup period and successfully ExecuteSubmission once the period ended.

But I’m not being able to ExecuteTransactionList: I’m getting an out of gas situation that reverts the EVM call. Apparently takes contractAddress as null.

Did manage to do a successful ticket changing the _cursor parameter but that did not change things or did not execute the expected ticket… If you can clarify how the _cursor and _count parameters work on the executeTransactionList function that would be great.

The Governor remains with a 5.7 ETH deposit requirement still

Any ideas what might be going on @Andrei @forgeron.eth @fnanni @clesaege ?

I’m attaching a couple of screenshots for further reference:

Looks like it was sorted out by this good samaritan:

Thanks! Would be nice to have a proper understanding of the variables executeTransactionList takes: _cursor and _count. From the comments evidently it’s still not clear to me.

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