Kovan considered dead - Goerli testnet please?

I’m trying to develop using the Proof of Humanity Protocol in conjunction with other contracts that have already depreciated support for the Kovan testnet.

Kovan is now considered dead: https://github.com/openethereum/openethereum/issues/606

Would it possible to get a deployment of the PoHP stack running on goerli for developing against instead?


Are you looking to use the submissions data (which might change on v2) or just checking if an account is registered on poh?

If it’s the latter, then you can just create your own mock contract that implements

function isRegistered(address account) returns bool;

If it’s the first, might be worth checking what’s being done on v2 to make sure whatever you are building, will still work with v2.

At the time I mainly wanted it so I could record an end-to-end demonstration video for an integration. I settled for the latter solution. :slight_smile:

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