Layer 2 scaling (optimistic)

I was wondering if layer 2 scaling was on the roadmap for UBI tokens. The gasless minting is very nice, but bridging might still be expensive for regular use. Could minting rights be bridged? Similar curiosity about the PoH check if an account is unique.



Is there any progress on bringing PoH & UBI to Optimism?

This would be a catalyst for adoption.

Hi! For UBI, there is nothing for Optimistic Rollups yet. This kind of rollups are hard to bridge for UBI given that UBI is minted in real-time each second, and optimistic rollups have a challengable window, which makes things complex.

Having said this, the version 2 of UBI we are working on, is near completion and it will allow to bridge UBI driping to simpler L2s. The first implementation we are wrapping up will allow to bridge UBI dripping to Polygon, which makes it MUCH MUCH cheaper to transact, and you will be able to receive your UBIs directly on that network.

I wouldn’t refer to sidechains as L2s.
But yeah for something intended to be used for many low value txs like UBI, should be quite safe in a sidechain.

It’s also important to mention that the new architecture being now finished for briding UBI will allow us to build bridges to Optimistic Rollups.

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