Let's have some fun. Pump $UBI!

What are all the crazy ideas out there to get people to pump $ubi?

In the beginning, what is needed is a massive adoption of the mainstream, but at the same time the root and the objective of this project must be known from the beginning, it is very difficult to include all of this in a single idea.The proposed idea of seeing it as something irrational like doge :dog: seems valid to me, however I believe that it would not achieve the scope that is needed nor be taken as a project with the potential it has. The memes are fine but I think the best way would be through non-governmental institutions that know how to see the incredible of this project and apply it where it develops its full potential.

Pumping is about attracting talent and early profile. Doge will ultimately become a real currency because people think it will be funny to turn it into something that succeeds.

It worked!

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 21.28.09


:rofl: :cloud_with_lightning: :rocket: