Links to help groups (UBI Application Check, Crowdvoucher) in the submit profile page, to encourage profile checking before uploading

I’ve been reading both the spanish and english telegram groups of PoH for the last few days, and noticed that there are a lot of challenged profiles that could’ve registered with no issue if it wasn’t for easily avoidable mistakes (missing letter in address, mirrored video, etc).

This imo will slow down the growth of the network in the future (when people without experience in this area starts discovering the project), and it could become a barrier to growing the network.

This is why I think once the HIPs regarding official channels are passed, it would be a good idea to add links to some of those groups in the “Submit Profile” page, encouraging the submitter to get another opinion before finally uploading. This could lower the amount of failed registrations, and make registering easier for the average person.


Another thing, that in the wallet where the profile is loaded, put one more element, which says,
a) Certify your profile in an official group, Before loading.
That would end 99% of the problems.

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I support this proposal :ok_hand:t4: