Loading state on Submit not clear for a lot of people

There is room for improvement in the webapp of PoH, but I’ve seen a lot of doubt in the Telegram chat groups around the Submit loading state specifically. When you create your profile and click on Submit, you have to confirm the Tx in your wallet. After you do that, the submit button displays a simple loading state without explaining anything.

There’s a lot of users not particularly familiarized with the blockchain, Ethereum, etc. For example I’m new to the eth ecosystem, but because I’m familiarized with some of this concepts, and I’m a software dev, I checked etherscan for the Tx and saw that it went through and it was pending. Then I realized that the pending state in the Submit button was referring to that. For me it took like 4 minutes for the Tx to be confirmed.

Some kind of modal, or message, that says that “your transaction is pending and waiting for confirmations in the blockchain” would be really helpful for a lot of people. What do you think?


I can attest to that, it was confusing as the Submit button kept loading but nothing happened. Opened a new tab and the transaction and profile had been created.

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