Lost deposit making mistake in video

Just registered but did mistake do not adding my eth address while recording the video. Now my Registration has been Challenged. The problem is that I did not pay attention to that detail. The information was not clearly visible. It should be double confirmation warning before paying:
Something like this:
(Modal, red color) warning: re-check your video. Common causes for deposit loss:

  1. no ETH address signs
  2. facial features are covered with the phone / paper
  3. didn’t say the sentence “I certify that I am a real human…”
  4. mirrored video
  5. Re-check your photo too

Please take this into account and refund. Thank you in advance


If you want the DAO to refund you for this damage, you should write a HIP following this format:

Actually, the ones that should have taken the initiative to solve this are Kleros Coorporation. Kleros survives thanks to keeping the challenging levels high like they are, so they won’t do (and prevent anyone trying) to change and make a registration process without any pitfalls.

I need a clear instruction how to do it

Treasury should be used to develop mechanisms that reduce future challenges. If used for refunds, challenges will continue and will bloat cases like it has been since the beginning.

Seems nothing I can do? No refunds? Paid $200 for being not accurate enough recording my video? And No chance to resubmit, Ok. Great business guys! Hall of fame! Just reported to https://cryptoscamalert.com/crypto_scam_report/1329

Don’t get surprised if you don’t get any help with that attitude, do whatever you wish

I do not need help.
I need those who made this project to admit that the idea of taking a deposit and not returning it for minor mistakes is not correct.
The next step is They need to apologize to the victims and return their money.
But I doubt that this will happen with such an attitude towards users.