MarketPlace for UBI/crypto registered Humans of PoH

A descentralized MarketPlace Store for every Human registered on the ProofOfHumanity registry!

Preface (Why MarketPlace ?)

The barter was the first means of payment in the history of mankind, dating back to the Neolithic. Barter was based on the consensus between the two parties to give value to things. Cows, salt, pepper and feathers were some “coin-objects” with a consensual value, then came the coins and little bit short after the bills used in MarketPlaces such as Amazon, MercadoLibre, Alibaba, etc that now are the reason that give main value to this payment method.

As ProofOfHumanity mints 1 $UBI token per hour for every human registered in the blockchain, with this MarketPlace working on the Profile of each registered human we can give value so they can exchange for goods and service(also later NFTs).

How will work ?

Every Human registered on ProofOfHumanity registry will have access with his address to the store and will be able to use UBI(and other ERC20/criptos) to buy and sell goods and services, using oracles to keep products price stable, later also NFTs. To maintain this MP, a small amount UBI will we charged for every transaction, half to maintain and half to burn.

:+1: Likes / Support (Or how to come up with excuses to burn UBI):fire::fire::fire:


This is a work in progress to learn about building a fully functioning Decentralized app. PRs will be accepted to help improving the architecture.

How can I help?

This is still a Work in Progress so any kind of improvement is valid (architecture, protocol, contracts, frontend app, suggestions, ideas, etc).

If you have a question, suggestion or idea, please, submit an Issue If you have a code improvement, fork the repository and sned a PR so that we can review it, discuss it, and potentially merge it.

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