MIrrored image challenge

I have been voted as “incorrect submission” for mirroring my image, although the rules don’t forbid mirror images. I’m outraged at this, and at the loss of money. Please explain me how am I being wrong?



The same thing is happening to me right now (Dispute Resolver). Someone is systematically going through registration requests and demanding they be rejected because of photo mirroring. Yet photo mirroring is automatically and quite normally generated by cameras on laptops and phones.
This strikes me as a scam; photo mirroring is not explicitly forbidden, and the system does not alert the user to it during the registration process.

The documentation for Proof of Humanity states:

“The deposit is an amount of ETH you lock with the submission of your profile that will act as an incentive for potential challengers to prove you are a fake […]”
What I think is happening here is that someone is targeting these vulnerable users who just unknowingly used a mirrored photo, and trying to scam them out of their deposit, which is now (June 2023) equivalent to hundreds of dollars.

Proof of Humanity is supposed to serve as a defense against a scam, yet in my opinion someone is skillfully using this very tool as a scam.


it’s true it’s happening to me now too, I had applied to renew my profile, I was already a registered user and I didn’t have any problems the first time. I noticed that a user takes his time to open disputes with this accusation based on a rule that does not exist. That someone is scamming us. What can we do? Which authority should I contact? I hope I don’t lose my deposit

The current system is failing and encourages criminals and scammers. Anyone who initiates a dispute can earn (steal) the sender’s deposit

Such a system can only fail. After 2 years of registration now with the renewal request I risk losing my deposit due to a parasite. If my deposit is not returned I will definitely abandon this project.